Hero Vs. Villain

Hero vs Villain, a concept EP, is King Pheenix’s first project released under the Scrub Club label. The punches will not be pulled!

An evil, corporation-controlled faction called the “Hands of Blood” is on the verge of creating a New World Order. A superhero in every sense of the word named “The Truth” is on the prowl, looking to redeem his life by shutting them down. Unfortunately, the other sinister half of himself, “The Answer,” is also intent on taking over… but with ruthlessness and chaos as his inspiration.

On the good side of the tracks is a rebel gang that goes by “The Anarchitype,” who are the ultimate light in the shadow of the corporations. Will The Truth prevail and help lead The Anarchitype into a positive victory, or will The Answer best him and provide an unpredictable, greedy, and bloody outcome? It’s hero vs. villain… which one are you?