Rock Paper Genocide

RPG-Unit’s devastating, dual-wielding debut is here! The members of the Nerdcore supergroup behind this incredible Borderlands 2 EP is King Pheenix as Salvador the Gunzerker, Eye-Q as Axton the Commando, Starby as Maya the Siren, StarF as Zer0 the Assassin, and DJ RoboRob providing the beats that keep on pounding the sands of Pandora. This project was definitely made by Borderlands fans for Borderlands fans, but that doesn’t mean you should count your ears out if you’re not caught up to the lore of the game – This is a killer Hip Hop album any which way your aim it with professional instrumentation, amazing wordplay, and extremely catchy hooks. Kick back and enjoy the story of four miscreants as they go Vault hunting, looking for loot and adventure.