4 months ago, me and methods set off to make one of the best album’s i have ever been part of. I love Street Fighter 2, and I feel each of the characters have a trait we all can relate to.

It came extremely easy to let you all into the twisted world of mine with each beat. Untested Methods is amazing, and i feel we always bring out the best in eachother. He is the JMJ to my Run DMC. He is the Terminator X to my Public Enemy. You can expect tons more from us, but for now look at the amazing reviews of the Boombox.

It’s hard to favor any release because everything on the label is uniquely awesome, but Balrog’s Boombox is one of the best albums Scrub Club has ever put out. It has a deceptively simple premise–paying ode to the music of Street Fighter II with original rap tracks–but King Pheenix masterfully takes an aspect of each character and writes songs about these aspects. Untested Methods covers the production, making these classic songs really slam. And what an incredible result. This is the kind of personal, genuine effort that ALL rap music about video games should become. If I heard more of this kind of stuff from the nerdcore genre, I would hold it in much higher esteem. – 2Mello (2mello.com)

Fuck guys, my brother in crime released a new album Balrog’s Boombox. King Pheenix you have waaaay out done yourself. To all my Delaware friends, This guy graduated from Cape and is the best rapper to ever come from Sussex County, myself included. To my nerdcore peeps if you haven’t downloaded this yet this is easily as great as the first megaran album. FUUUUUCK man it’s soooo well done. #STREETFIGHTER #KPX #CAPCOM #HIPHOP -Victor Tango

Balrog’s Boombox is such a good album that even I feel proud for just being involved in the nerdcore scene. Amazing quality. Really excited for my brother KPX and his brother Untested Methods, if you’re sleeping on this album, do yourself a favor, don’t sleep on it. – Dynamo Dash

It’s not easy running a label and not playing favorites. There’s so many projects, so many groups, that i absolutely love to death. It’s really tough not to talk one up over the other. But, I have to say, without a doubt, for many different reasons, Balrog’s Boombox is my favorite Scrub Club Release to date. – MadHatter McGinnis (Scrubclubrecords.com)

This is quite amazing. any Street Fighter fan needs this in their collection. – DJ RoboRob

and there is much more to come. If you havent downloaded the album yet, go to the music page here or scrubclubrecords.com.

And please share with friends, reddit, social media, Kotaku, Capcom and much more. Help the #BoomBlast Survive.

Much love,


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